Registration is only available through the online registration system.
ASCI 2019 Registration Fee:
*All prices are in USD

Category Early
( Before 31st Jan 2019 )
( 1th Feb 2019 ~ 28th Feb 2019 )
Physician (Paid-ASCI Member) $ 180 $ 230 $280
Physician (Non-paid/Non- ASCI Member) $ 250 $ 300 $350
Trainee/Non-Physician $ 100 $ 125 $150
Congress Dinner $ 30 $ 60 $60
Accompanying $ 50 $ 60 $60
1. Registration fee includes admission to all Scientific Sessions, Exhibition, and Luncheon Symposium. So are the Coffee Breaks, Conference Kit, and Shuttle Bus Service.
2. Accompanying person's registration fee includes admission to Exhibition, Coffee Breaks and Shuttle Bus Service. For ASCI 2019 Congress Dinner, please purchase the ticket.
3. Trainees or non-physicians are required to send a certificate or a letter signed by the hospital director verifying their status with registration.
4. To encourage physicians, radiologists and other professionals to join the ASCI community, we will charge the registration fee for non-paid or non- ASCI member's to all registers apart from trainee, non-physician and accompanying in first place. By the end of January 2019, we will make the first reimbursement if you are a paid ASCI member. The final reimbursement follows in the end of February 2019. To acquire the ASCI membership, please visit the ASCI official website:

Important Dates:
Registration Open: 1st Sep 2018
Early Registration Due: 31st Jan 2019
Regular Registration Due: 28th Feb 2019

Payment Method:
Payment by Credit Card is the only payment method for online registration.
MasterCard, Visa, and JCB are all acceptable.

If you would like to cancel your participation in ASCI 2019, please inform the
     ASCI 2019 secretariat by sending an E-Mail to
We will not make a refund if you need to cancel your registration.